About Us - The Oven
What's a Stone Turtle?
Le Panyol Model 120 In this case, it's an oven — an awesome wood-fired Le Panyol Stone Oven from France. Our Stone Turtle is now completed, cured and ready to take center stage in our brand new baking and cooking education center.

Until recently, the last hundred years or so, open fireplace and wood-fired stone ovens were used to cook and bake everything a family consumed. In many parts of Europe and the Middle East, community ovens, often located in the center of a town square, were used by everyone in the village to prepare the week's bread. In this country, small wood-fired ovens, called beehive ovens, were built right into a home's fireplace. They were heated with a live fire until "white hot." Then, once the fire died down, the coals and ash were swept out and the floor of the oven was swabbed clean. A succession of breads, pies, stews, puddings and finally, beans were prepared in the oven over a matter of many hours until the oven completely cooled off.

The Stone Turtle Baking and Cooking School will be offering students an opportunity to re-learn wood-fired oven baking and cooking techniques in one of the finest stone ovens now available. We will offer classes that will teach the art of baking wonderful, chewy, open-grained European style breads. These breads have a flavor and aroma that can't ever be duplicated in a regular home oven. We will also be offering classes on pizza making, stewing and braising, and the preparation of all sorts of pies, pastries and other baked goods not usually associated with wood-fired ovens.

We are also developing a state of the art kitchen facility for more traditional cooking and baking classes. We will be offering a range of classes for a variety of skill levels, from "How to Boil Water" classes to more challenging classes by some of the area's well-known chefs. Classes will range from evening classes of three hours of instruction to weekend-long intensive hands-on classes that will engage the participants for 10 or more hours over the course of two days.

Our hope is for the Stone Turtle facility to become a true "community oven." We plan to make it available to interested parties who would like to try their hand at using a wood-fired oven prior to purchase, entrepreneurs to try out formulas for possible retail packaging and to filmmakers looking for a place to do videos for sale or programming.

Soon to come: we will be posting a recipe every month for your use and pleasure. Don't forget to check our "Bio" section, so you can get to know us and learn what we have to offer in experience and know-how. We hope to see you here for classes very soon.

In the meantime, Bon Appetit and Bon Jour!

Michael & Sandy Jubinsky