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So, who the heck are Michael and Sandy Jubinsky, anyway?

Michael JubinksyFor somewhere pretty close to 45 years, Michael Jubinsky has taught various aspects of baking, specializing in yeast breads. (Time certainly flies when you're doing something you love!)  He was Senior Spokesman for the King Arthur Flour Company based in Norwich, Vermont for over 25 years, and filmed two bread baking videos for King Arthur Flour, on Sweet Holiday Bread and Artisan Bread. Working for King Arthur Flour was an unbelievable opportunity to show/teach both sweet holiday bread and artisan bread making to over 1 million (yes, really 1 million) people!  While working for King Arthur Flour he also made numerous radio and television appearances and was featured in articles in Modern Maturity Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine and USA Today. Phew! 

In October 2011 there came and wonderful surprise and honor.  Dessert Professional magazine selected Michael as one of the 2011 Top Ten Bread Bakers in America!  Dessert Professional is a national peer journal for professional pastry chefs, chocolatiers, bakers and wedding cake designers.

Michael has been a Culinary Arts instructor in the Connecticut vocational school system, was a licensed retail baker and a staff instructor for the Connecticut Culinary Institute. He has been a guest instructor at the Silo, in New Milford, Connecticut and at Sur La Table in Virginia. Michael and Sandy and Annice Estes founded of Mystic Cooking School in Mystic, CT (Annice continues to operate it). Michael was also an instructor for the National Restaurant Association and taught Food Safety (ServSafe) in Maine and Connecticut.

In 1993, Sandy Jubinsky, the distaff part of this powerhouse cooking team, graduated from the post-graduate Culinary Arts program at Ella T. Grasso Southeastern Regional Vocational-Technical School, where she attended classes with the general high school population. She received the “Chef’s Award” for guts, stamina and a wicked good sense of humor. Sandy was the manager of the bakeshop at Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Connecticut and also worked as a Pastry Chef at Lulu’s Steakhouse in Niantic, Connecticut. (She was definitely not the reason Lulu’s went out of business!) Sandy was also certified as a professional “Food Taster” – (really and truly!) for both Pfizer and Cultor Industries in their respective food technology programs. Sandy is an accomplished artist, specializing in painted porcelain. (Mike made me say that!)

Michael and Sandy wrote features and a monthly food column for “The Day” newspaper in New London, CT for over 20 years and also did restaurant reviews for 5 years. Memories of leaving this last job still sends them into spasms of grief.

In 2000, after retirement as Director of Submarine Safety for the US Navy at the Electric Boat Shipyard in Groton, CT, Michael and Sandy, as well as their bulldog, Emily, moved to Lyman, Maine. Michael continued his engineering career for a number of years as a consultant with both the Navy and NASA, but his real love remained baking.  In thinking that "Do what you love and love what you do" was a perfect way to look at life, Michael finally retired again and, with Sandy, started on a new path.

Since moving to Maine, Michael has worked with the baking team at Borealis Breads in Wells, Maine, has been a guest instructor with York County Community College and has offered baking classes in his home.  In 2006 the doors of the Stone Turtle Baking and Cooking School opened.  Michael and Sandy have had the good fortune to teach hands-on baking in a beautiful and welcoming facility set in what they think of as a piece of paradise - Maine. This state-of-the-art facility, located on 20 acres of paradise in southwest Maine, offers a broad range of hands-on cooking and baking classes and features a "le Panyol" wood-fired oven from France. 

Professional Affiliations:
  • Bread Bakers Guild of America
  • National Restaurant Association
  • Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
  • Slow Food USA


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  • School: 173 Howitt Road, Lyman, ME 04002
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