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 October 13th Update:

Hello all,

The current, September - December 2014, schedule can be seen by clicking here.

We just had a cancellation in Chef Ciril Hitz's October 31st & November 1st class and there is one (1) open space.  Ciril will be doing laminated doughs (croissants, pain au chocolat) and brioche.  If you're interested, please call  us at (207) 459-0567.

Since the Kneading Conference and emailing it to our email list most of the classes are full.  The only class with openings (there are 3) is our Holiday Bread class on December 6th.


Since people have made some of these reservations well in advance the probability of a cancellation exists.  If you can made a decision on relatively short notice I suggest you get on a wait list.


We do not have an online reservation system.  To reserve your space, email us at or call us at (207) 459-0567.  See Securing your Space in Class / Cancellation Policy at the bottom of this page for more information.

Here's a comment from someone in our Dec 14th Pizza Plus class:

Hi Michael
Thom and I enjoyed our day very much.  As far as Tom getting something out of your class, well just meeting you and Sandy was well worth the trip and the storm. You and your wonderful cheery wife do such a great job of clearly demonstrating how easily home bakers can make high quality artisan pizza at home. And I say easily only because you have taken all the bugs out for us.  In the past 3 years I have visited more then 40 artisan Pizzerias all over the country and I would put yours in the top 5.
Hope to be back with Tom for oven class sometime in 2014.
Ernie and Thom C., Lititz, PA


We want to encourage all to reflect on how fortunate we are to live and work in the United States of America.  We hope that each one of you will make an attempt to seek out goods that are really Made in America.  The biggest impact that we can have in helping our fellow Americans is to insist that we see and have available more products made HERE - In AMERICA!

For comments from some of our students on our classes please click here


As our small way of saying thank you, Stone Turtle Baking and Cooking School offers a 10% discount to Military personnel and their dependents.

Wood-fired Oven Intensive Updates

  • The October 10 & 11, 2014 Wood-Fired Oven Intensive is also Full!

If you are interested in either of this Intensive, I suggest that you get on the wait list for them.  Life has a way of upsetting our best plans and cancellations do happen.


The NEXT Wood-fired Intensive is:

April 10 & 11, 2015 (Friday, Noon – 7 PM & Saturday, 8 AM – 6 PM)

    • From Friday evening’s pizza party to Saturday’s wrap-up you will receive 2 full days of comprehensive instruction on wood-fired oven management.  But don’t let the work “intensive” scare you – this class is seriously fun!  All meals included, which is only fair since you’ll preparing and cooking them!
      Hands-on and strictly limited to 8 students.  We have 4 people currently signed up and 2 tentative.  That leaves 2 spaces open at this time
      • Cost - $400.

I posted photos of an earlier Intensive on a gallery.


 Here's some comments from our students at recent Intensives:

I fired the oven with the perimeter burn system...worked very well...much better than fire in the center as I had done before.

Made 4 short handled peels.  Loaded in the kitchen then out to oven.  Open door and in they much better than one at a time.  Also had made a transfer board...that is the best.  One screw up...did not remember to steam the past I have not as it did not make any difference...was not using enough steam....will get it all together next time.  After bread we did an Acorn squash and eggplant plus two brats......what a deal!

Thanks again... - Richard M., Springfield, MO

*****     *****

Splendidly wonderful class!  Not just about teaching how to use the oven, but a lot of fabulous cooking and baking information.  The staff creates a warm friendly, casual atmosphere.  The food we cooked and ate was remarkably delicious.  I took the pizza class, which was also incredible, but this course really helped me learn more about doughs.

Ann C.. Groton, MA & Kennebunkport, ME

 *****     *****

 Even though I am just the sous chef at my home, I greatly enjoyed and learned for the course.  In addition to great instruction, Michael and Sandy extended great hospitality to all.  I greatly appreciate the experience.

Janet T., West Fork, AK

*****     *****

Amazing class!  We learned so much and enjoyed ourselves in the process.  We  liked the combination of hands-on and demonstration to get in as much as possible.  The food was fantastic!  We're looking forward to experimenting with our masonry oven and most likely a new pizza oven outside.

Pam & Tom M., Strong, ME


Securing your Space in Class / Cancellation Policy

    We try to do the administrative stuff ahead of time to limit the impact on class time.

    If you want to secure a space in a class, please let us know via email ( or phone (207-459-0567) to confirm that there is space available and then follow up with a check (or credit/debit card).  We will put your name on the class list based on a phone call or email BUT our policy is that a person is registered only when we receive payment.  We will hold email and phone registrations for 5 business days to allow for mailing.  After 5 days we reserve the right to release the space to other callers.
    If you would like to pay via credit card (MC or Visa, Discovery or AmEx), please give us a call and we'll do it by phone.

    For the Intensive and Special 2-day classes: we require payment in full, or a deposit of 50%, at the time of registration.  The balance is due 30 days prior to the class.

    Our cancellation policy is:

      Regular Classes:
    • Cancellation at least 7 calendar days before a regular class - Gift Certificate*
    • Groups of four (4) or more - Cancellation at least 14 calendar days before a class - Gift Certificate*
    • * NOTE: If we are able to fill a space, we will offer a refund.
    • We do not check email on any regular basis and strongly recommend that cancellations close to the cut off be by phone not by email.

      Intensive and Special 2-day Classes:

    • Cancellation at least 30 calendar days before class - gift certificate.  Note: If we are able to fill the space we will offer a refund.

    If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 207-324-7558 or 207-459-0567. Thanks.

Please take time today (and every day) to reflect on the significance of 9/11 - Lest We Forget!