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 Cornerstone Country Market

We, in the Lyman area, have a new and interesting market getting established in Waterboro, Maine.  It's like a piece of Lancaster, PA has been transplanted to Maine.  The folks who run it buy bulk quantities and re-package it into manageable quantities for home use.  We found flour in 5 lb bags that I can only get in 50 lb bags from wholesale distributors.  I now can get pumpernickle, light rye, King Arthur's Lancelot and Special, SAF instant yeast, spelt, and on and on in 2, 5 and 10 lb quantities!  One of the best discoveries was their pretzels - extra dark and crunchy and just the right amount of salt.  Spend a few minutes looking around and you'll be amazed at the variety.

Cornerstone Country Market, 1045 Main St. (Route 4), Waterboro, ME 04087, Tel: 207-247-7668
King Arthur Flour & The Bakers Catalogue
Not only great flour but a great source of ingredients and smallware (otherwise known as toys for bakers).  An employee owned company that has consistently maintained quality and customer service.  Shop on-line or call (800) 827-6836 and talk to a real person who will help with your order and who can really help with baking questions.  Be sure to ask for a catalogue so you can start your own wish list.  You really need to plan a trip to Norwich, VT to see their store and Baking Education Center - it's as close to Camelot for bakers as you'll ever find.
 Ed Hyder’s Mediterranean Marketplace, 408 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01609 - Tel: 508-755-0258
A great place to browse. Ed has an extensive selection of spices and a great election of grains. The store is a mini-international marketplace and well worth the stop.
Penzey's Spices
Penzey's Spices has been the premier mail-order and on-line spice source for years.  Their catalog is an sensory educational experience.  The quality is top notch and the service is excellent.  They now have store-front locations in various parts of the country and we find their Boston (actually Arlington, MA) location just another enticement to get us to Boston for a day.
Penzey's Spices, 1293 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, MA, Tel: 781-646-7707
Zamouri Spices
A great on-line site for fresh spices from around the world, particularly Arabic and Mediterranean.  We use their Ras el Hanout and Harissa (both dry and paste) extensively.  It’s also a source for Nigella seed (Charnushka on Russian Black Bread).
Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants
Now a "Made in Maine" spice company.  The folks at Gryffon Ridge in Dresden, Maine are super enthusiastic and helpful when it comes to spicing things up.  They have an extensive selection of of fresh spices and blends and will help locate ones that they may not have.  We have tried their Ras el Hanout and were very excited by its flavor and aroma.  If you like Sam Adams Summer Ale, the folks at Gryffon Ridge also have the elusive and amazing "Grains of Paradise."   You can reach them by email at
Fiore - Artisan Olive Oils and Vinegars - and More
We ran into the folks from Fiore at the Kneading Conference's Bread Fair adn were really pleased with their selection and quality.  We picked up a bottle of their Black Cherry Aged Balsamic Vinegar (really awesome) and a jar of Cyprus Flake Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes - outstanding flavor and unique texture.
Fiore, 503 Main St., Rockland, ME 04841, Tel: 207-596-0276 and 8 Rodick Place, Bar Harbor, ME, 04609, Tel: 207-801-2580